"I am the way, the truth, and the life."
John 14:6
Sozopol is a very old seaside town located 35 km Burgas’s south of the southern Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria. Nowadays it is one of the main country’s seaside resorts, known for the film festival and Apollonia art that is named for one of the ancient names of this town. The completely occupied times of year are the months of summer, starting from May to September as people from around the globe come to enjoy the sandy beaches, weather, fusion cuisine, history and culture and feeling of the colorful resort.
Nesebar or SOZOPOL? That was the query people had in mind when they leave for the Black southern Sea coast. Both are in simple reach of the Bourgas port (which is almost 7 hours from Sofia by train), and both places had been recommended by various people. The general agreement was that while Nesebar might have additional to offer in terms of remains of archaeology, Sozopol was fewer tacky, extra charming & not as costly, which sound like a rare and good combination.
Now, it is a well-established & much lamented reality that Black Sea coast of Bulgaria is being subjected to extra than its reasonable share of “growth”, but with the camp sites in closeness to the town & nature reserve, area of Sozopol has been blessed enough to broadly escape the developer’s hand. Because of those natural sceneries lots and lots of tourists around the world are attracting to Sozopol and to properly accommodate these tourists, there are a number of hotels are available.
Therefore while looking for hotel, you may find a huge number of hotels in Sozopol but searching for the best one according to your own need might take a day or two and it could be tricky too because some hotels in Sozopol have balcony with eye catching and breath taking natural sceneries where as other have spacious room with spacious terrace facing seashore.